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Upcoming Shows

Artist’s work featured above (detail) top (L to R): J. M. Golding and Allie Phillips,
below (L to R): Patricia Doyne and Jan Hagan.

Wake, Sleep, Repeat: Repetition in the Everyday
May 20–July 8, 2017

Adobe Art Gallery
20395 San Miguel Drive, Castro Valley | (510) 881-6735

Reception: Saturday, May 20, 1–3 p.m.
Exhibit open Thursday through Saturday
11 a.m.–3 p.m. and by appointment.

Participating Artists: Kay Athos, Shari Benson, Barbara Berner, Michelle BoireMichelle Bond, Carol Jones Brown, Andrea CiakAmber CrabbeHarlan CrowderSusan Deming, Philip Denst, Molly Dolly, Patricia Doyne, Don DrakeUlysses Duterte, Rochelle Elias, Jason Engelund, Raymundo Enriquez, Howard Fong, Shelley GardnerRichard GeigerJ. M. Golding, Jan Hagan, Mercie Harris, Lyubov Kassianik,  Ann Maloney-Mason, Keeley McSherryQingjian Meng, Helene Miscovich, Allison Murdach, Allie Phillips, Sandra ReganDurba Sen, Stan Stadelman, Nancy Starr, Ruey Syrop, Alani Susan Taira, Gerald Thompson, Winifred Thompson, Monica Tiulescu, Renea Turner, Ain VeskeCorinne Whitaker, and Gege Xu


Get ready for our juried annual exhibit! Open to all artists. Hand deliver entries to the gallery on September 7 and 9. Entry form and more details will be listed soon.

40th Area Artists Annual Exhibition: Meaning Through Making
Opening Reception: September 23, 2017
Exhibit Dates: September 23–November 11

Juror Christine Koppes
Assistant to the Curator, Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts

Christine Koppes has assisted in organizing and curating a number of exhibitions as Assistant to the Curator at the Bedford Gallery. She has worked on a wide range of contemporary art exhibitions, including those that have traveled nationally such as BLOW UP: Inflatable Contemporary Art and Cut Up/Cut Out. Koppes also assists with the City of Walnut Creek’s Public Art Program and organizes the annual Craft Fest event at the Bedford Gallery.

Prior to the Bedford Gallery, Christine Koppes worked for the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, CA. Koppes studied at New York University and University of California, Berkeley where she earned a BA in Art History.

Nordic 5 Arts: Runes Revealed
Exhibit Dates: December 2–January 13, 2018
Opening Reception: December 2, 2017 | 1pm-3pm
A.R.T., Inc. Exhibition
January 27– March 10, 2018
Opening Reception: January 27, 2018  | 1pm-3pm
Spring Open Show:  Structure and Happenstance: The Art of Collaboration
March 31–May 12, 2018
Opening Reception: March 31, 2018 | 1pm-3pm