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Last Week! Art Amazing at the Adobe


Thanks to Bruce D. Roberts for the following write up of Looking Forward, the A.R.T., Inc. Members Exhibition. Come see it before it closes this Saturday!LookingForwardARTInc2017.jpg

From January 21 to March 4, art fans everywhere have a wonderful opportunity to see the breadth of talent and style of East Bay artists. Fifty-seven artists have brought their works for display to Castro Valley’s Adobe Art Gallery. The results are amazing.

As Dorothy in Wizard of Oz sings out “Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My,” art lovers touring this gallery will be tempted to shout out, “Acrylic and Watercolor and Oil, Oh My!” And that’s just the beginning. Photography, ceramics, pencil and mixed media are thoroughly in the mix. Even more esoteric art terms such as “bromoil,” “gessoed,” “encaustic,” and “Prismacolor” help to fill out the span of these artists’ abilities.

The talent abounds here. Marie Kulka’s “Early Morning Fog Glow” is a panoramic and strikingly beautiful view of the bay at dawn. The acrylic “Lady,” by Lee Daguman evokes beauty and depth through a faceless but feminine hair style hovering amid vibrant splashes of color over a small, singular female silhouette.

Using simple white pencil on black paper, Doyle Wegner created “Morning Serenade,” a fiddler arousing life outside a bedroom window. Kathleen Hardwig, from the local “Botanical” painting group, brought a “Red Flowering Gum” branch to life with watercolors, but no green—the many natural shades of green created through expert use of other colors.

Winifred Thompson’s “Sun” would be impressive enough as a painting, but by molding Halloween “netting,” saturated with glue, then painted over with oil and pastel, she built up the rays, the sea, the shoreline cliffs to add texture and dimension to this explosion of light.

This was a “judged” exhibit, with several works receiving Awards of Merit or Honorable Mention, plus cash rewards. But the overall quality of the work seems so high that the Judge, Angela Johal, must have had a very difficult task.

All in all, this is a very impressive display: “Looking Forward,” an A.R.T., Inc. Members’ Exhibition at Castro Valley’s Adobe Art Gallery from January 21 to March 4, 2017. The Adobe, at 20395 San Miguel Drive, is open Thu-Sat, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Or call (510) 881-6735 to view by appointment.

Bruce D. Roberts



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